Dog Grooming and Pet Shop in Singapore - Beauty Paws

Dog Grooming and Pet Shop at Singapore Beauty Paws - Located at Toa Payoh Central. Experienced Pet Groomers and Boarding Services

Dog Grooming is essential in Dog Care. All Breeds will require different forms of grooming. At Beauty Paws Pet Shop, we specialize in many forms grooming.

Dog Grooming

All breeds of dog require different forms of dog grooming. We are also able to cater to pet boarding services as well as pet care at our facilities in Toa Payoh. We have experienced care takers here as well so should you require pet care services, you can bring your pet dog here. Kernel services is also available here as well.

Dog Grooming and Pet Shop

Please see the above for more of our services in Beauty Paws. We are very experienced Pet Groomers and specialize in many breeds. We are also conveniently located in Toa Payoh.

Dog Grooming Services

Please see pet boarding as well as pet transport services available.
Dog Grooming

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